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Cyronium - The New Combination of Advanced Technology and Precious Gold

What is Cyronium?

Cyronium is a crypto asset created by combining blockchain technology and precious metal. Each Cyronium token (CYRO) is backed up with 1 Cyronium coin.

How Cyronium Works?

As a crypto asset, Cyronium has two values:

1. Future value as a crypto token. The price fluctuates based on the market supply and demand.

2. Underlined, bottom, or minimum value, based on the value of the gold coin. The price of a CYRO token would never be lower than the price of gold spots in the international market.

Cyronium acts as a platform for small medium enterprise company to do blockchainization of their businesses. They will be able to raise fund through ICO conducted by Cyronium, as the Cyronium Blockchain of Cyronium. The business owner will get funds, the investors will receive profit-shares from Cyronium Blockchain business, and the demand in Cyronium will increase.

The in-development Cyronium Blockchain of Cyronium are volko, tree coin, and koinako. Each of them will have backed up physical assets from real businesses.

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